Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New! and Improved!

Now that our book is almost out (and it IS out on Safari Rough Cuts), I've decided to start a new website, where I will blog as well as posting articles and interesting links. This blogspot will be deprecated and I'll be transitioning over.

Please visit the new site,, and comment. I'm developing it with agile practices and I need "customer" feedback!

My old website will remain as a prime location for new action photos of the wonderfully agile miniature donkeys, Chester and Ernest!


Mykhailo Poliarush said...


my congratulation on new web-site! :)
What is your book about?


suresh said...

I really found the Book as a Bible for Agile Testers. Lots of good practices gives Off - the - Shelf solution.

Thanks for the Great work to the Agile Tester Community

suresh said...

What special skills (Other than testing skills) are required for Exploratory Testing ?