Monday, June 30, 2008

CITCON Takeaways

Sounds like CITCON Melbourne was a huge success. Reading about it made me think back to CITCON Denver in April, and what my team is doing differently as a result of what I took away from that. The biggest concrete change is our sys admin is working on moving to Hudson instead of CruiseControl. He's setting up a new build machine with it.

Another takeaway was how intrigued I am with behavior-driven development and tools such as Easyb, although I'm not sure yet how or whether to apply it here. It did affect my thought pattern when writing test cases, although I know BDD is supposed to be about coding and design, not customer-facing tests.


Karen said...

Lisa, thanks for the post about CITCON Denver, which I had to miss. Will you be attending FROSST in October?

Lisa said...

Hi Karen,
No, but I'll check it out for next time!