Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Even Agile Testing Can Be Frustrating

We're having a hard sprint. We thought the stories were pretty straightforward, but they turned out to be hard, and there are also a lot of interdependencies. We did our steel thread exercise, but for whatever reason, the first thread took many days to finish and that put everything way behind. It will be an interesting retrospective.

I've been multitasking from one story to another and run into roadblocks, both in my manual testing and my automated testing. FitNesse fixtures don't work like I expect, and they're hard to fix. We're replacing old code with new code, but don't want to rip out the old code yet just in case we can't release. So that's confusing. I feel like I just can't get anything really done.

There's much testing left to do, and only one more day left in the sprint. We rarely have sprints like this, and when we do, I have a hard time feeling productive.

Plan of action: Try to quit multitasking, and focus on getting one thing done. Hope for lots of good luck!

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